More about Close Beta Testing

The gates of Tantra Global will be open to the world this coming Oct. 2! And to maximize your gaming experience we are providing Close Beta Testers a treat by having events especially for you guys who shared your valuable time by taking part in our CBT.

We will be opening Tantra Global with x100 experience points for CBTers so that you can not only enjoy the visual improvements of Tantra Global but also see how strong your chosen character would be.

CBTers also have the chance to experience first hand the numeorus new features that is only found in the legitimate Tantra service provider!

To help you guys enjoy what Tantra Global has to offer we have set a schedule for closed beta testers!

Here it is:
Oct. 2 Low Level Zone: Experience New graphics and Monsters
Oct. 3 Dungeon Area: Mid. Lv. zones & new features for Dungeon
Oct. 4 High Lv. Zones: Naga village & Paroksya (New Features)
Oct. 5 God War: Providing & Experiencing PVP Zones
In-line with the schedule we will also have events specifically to CBTers!

Tantra Traveling with GM
– GMS will be your personal tour guide in Tantra as you explore the lush sceneries and rugged terrain of Tantra

Make a Comment, get a Gift
– Shout out and be heard! Make comments tell the world your experience in Tantra Global CBT, show it to us and we will give you a reward!

Ask the GMs!
– GMs will be in-game when you get to play and you can hear the answers to your queries right out of the horse’s mouth!

Find Treasurer Box
– Get the chance to win rare items when the monsters you hunt will drop a treasurer box that could be tradable at NPCs in towns.

Citizen’s Name!
– Get a chance to be part of Tantra Global history by naming the citizens of Tantra!

With the schedule set and events prepped we hope you guys join us in Tantra Global and be part of the pioneers in this great undertaking!

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