Myth War II: 2-Rebirth Quest Guide

With the release of the 2-Rebirth, players are able to continue moving forward, fighting for life, justice and their Guild. Do you know how to complete the 2-Rebirth quest? Today the team from Myth War is going to take a few minutes and talk about all you need to know to be reborn the second time.  
Before accepting this quest you must:
1. Take possession of the five soul stones after completing the soul stones related quests.
2. Hit level 120 after 1st rebirth
3. Gain 200 Reputation points
4. With mastery of skills available for 16 classes.
How to breeze through the quest:
Step 1: Go to the Snow Ridge and accept the quest by talking to the Elder of Faith.
Step 2: go to the Devil’s Gate and challenge the Dark Warrior
Step 3: Head off to the Flame Ruins and challenge the Dark General
Step 4: Go to the Cursed Abyss and talk to the Dark Marshal.Join the Dark Marshal and get reborn,or challenge the Dark Marshal.
Step 5: Go back to Snow Ridge and talk to the Elder of Faith to complete your second rebirth.
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