Myth War II: Leveling Quests Preview

Myth War II (, the new sequel to the classic MMORPG from IGG (, continues the tradition of excellent play and an exciting community of players. Today the Myth War team is going to give players a sneak preview of leveling quests.

Event One: Patrol
Recently, some powerful monsters have sneaked into Woodlingor and Blython , intent on creating havoc!. They kidnapped some innocent merchants and by using their cunning magic have taken the form of the merchants. They are attacking any and all citizens that they come across. It is now down to you dear player to help us vanquish this evil once and for all.

Event Two: Drowcrusher

Drowcrusher has lost some of his equipment, but he is so angry that he will lash out indiscriminately, even if you are trying to return his things. The only way to restore his reason is first to defeat him. By doing this you will also gain lots of experience points.

Event Three: Seal Bonepoker

This is a level 70-90 quest. Monsters are very tough. Players must work in teams to complete this quest and show the spirit of team cooperation in <MWO>.

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