Myth War II: NPC Manual?2

The war waged by the divine essences against each other was a curse on Rarus Continent and ravaged the land. Many deities were transmigrated to tutor gamers here to comfort their sinful souls.

Today the folks with Myth War II Online will complete their NPC overview with the following folklore about these eight NPCs.

Blazing Titan, Moss Titan and Gusting Titan
No matter where Takhisis, the god of the underworld went, three big thugs would follow. They were known as the Blazing Titan, Moss Titan and Gusting Titan. The three titan brothers use to have Takhisis as their patron. But, when Takhisis was overthrown during the war, they have since become the followers of Habakuk, the God of Sea and the patron saints of Desert City.
Function: Be challenged by gamers

Worn Messenger
Ennis, the Worn Messenger, was a passionate follower of the God of Darkness. As the plan for his ruin became a success, Ennis went to the Wisdom God for help. Now he rules Desert City and guards the five seals imprisoning the 5 Gods of War.
Function: Give gamers quests to challenge the Gods of War.

Kelina, the Queen Sorcerer
Kelina has a double identity. She is a girl inheriting a royal title but was picked by the Wisdom God to be his messenger. She was chosen because she accidently removed the seal on him when she was 4 years old. Now she is immortal and possessed with the power to be a Sorcerer and protect Rarus Continent. Kelina is the only NPC in Myth War to change from human into an immortal.
Function: Give gamers Level 4 plot driven quests.

Sorceror Hades
Sorceror Hades is the kind of leader who demands unquestioning obedience from his army. Everyone fears combating him because of his skill at sending opponents into the forever sleep. Like Kelina, Sorceror Hades was a messenger of the Wisdom God and had contributed a lot to the first war between the gods. Both of them were behind the Second War among the Gods.
Function: give gamers Level 4 plot-driven quests

Short Tom
It was about 4000 years ago when someone finally came out to save the decaying Dwarf race. Short Tom was born to be the leader of the Dwarf Realms. He allied with the Dragon tribe, took numerous Deity Beasts’ dwelling caves and made his Dwarf army the strongest and best in close combat. He was subsequently crowned as the God’s Messenger. There is a poem that spread wildly among the Dwarf race, it reads ‘…there’s only one sun in the sky, and there should be only one emperor in our kingdom.’
Function: Give gamers quests for Fortune Bombing Integrals

Mosura, the King Bonepoker
Mosura, the King Bonepoker, is the son of De Fina, the Queen Succubus. Although Mosura himself thinks little of his royal bloodline and prefers to be judged by his abilities, his companions are strong supporters because of his mother, De Fina.
Function: Give gamers the 5 ring Hunt quest.

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