Myth War II Online: Audio Design Overview & Soundtrack Release #1

When you start playing Myth War II Online, you will be deeply impressed by the audio presentation in the game. Today the folks behind are going to elaborate on the music design behind Myth War II.

In the field of in-game audio design, the Singapore Symphony Orchestra was invited to record the game music and create a well coordinated, memorable orchestra performance. There is a profound range of feeling in the background music, which incorporates a majestic spirit within a tightly knit composition. Still you can pick out the operatic arias quoted in this orchestral passage. An elaborate, ornamental melodic flourish in which all the syllables are sung on or intoned has been brought together in this vocal piece. You will find many different, explosive and beautiful elements alive within the percussion as well. The music is a mild accompaniment to softly maneuver your emotion while you are engaged in the game.

Players are given a great variety of options for diverse sound effects and background music based on different sound sources and maps in game. Players can clearly distinguish the breath of beasts hiding behind bushes from the murmuring of the many voices in Woodlingor, and will be shaken at the creepy mourning cry over the killing panic and grief in the Revive Arena, and get cold feet when listening to the overwhelming agony of death in the Sunset Plains. You are haunted and captured in an erotic virtual world where you want to stay and venture but are afraid to step out the door.

Soundtrack samples:

1. Background music when players start playing: The game’s logo emerges amid melodious music with a beautiful rhythm to get you hooked into the game.

2. Background music on log in entry page: Shocking drums and various cool game characters announce your new start in the world.

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