Myth War III – Spotlight Overview

Myth War III, a new sequel to Myth War Online is being made, and will soon be published by IGG. The Myth War series has been a smash hit with MMO fans since the classic version was released several years ago. Today, the people from the Myth War team will be telling us what new content there is in the new version:

1. 3D turn-based combat
2. AVATAR customization
3. Diver battle system. Defense is bolstered with deployment and formation control. Magic Ball and Summon Beas will help to empower your gaming experience.
4. State-of-the-art shape-shifting
5. Guild and country construction
6. Collection and production system.
7. Verified PVP modes, including individual PK, dueling, Mine War and Siege Warfare
8. Fool proof operation
9. Massive dungeons.

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