Myth War ?Online: Prison System Overview

In Myth War II Online, player killing (i.e. PK) is an essential part of the game. It means players above a certain level can join in PVP combat, find unsuspecting players and kill them. But harsh penalties will be enforced for merciless griefing. PK griefers will not be able to avoid harsh jail time for too many successive kills in a row.

Prison System:
Game designers have taken steps to crack down on unnecessary griefing. PK grievers will be sent to jail for kills of more than 5 players in non-PVP realms. In Desert City and Demon Square, prisons have become places that time forgets. Prisoners will spend a long time in jail and serve their sentence based on the number of successive kills they pull off before leaving their cells. All prisons are guarded and fear-up approaches are designed to frighten prisoners.

Players will be released after completing a term of imprisonment. The total kills they conduct will be reduced by the number of kills that sent them to prison.

Prison Raid:
Players jailed will have a chance to escape from jail if someone outplays the prison security guard NPCs. But they will land on the most wanted list and a manhunt will be started to find them. At the entrance of every jail, an NPC is standing there as a prison guard. After one player’s ID input is entered by the prison raiders, the system will tell the prison raiders if the player they want to rescue is in the jail. Prison raiders must combat prison security guards and beat them to successfully spring their companion from jail. Prison raiders and players being rescued will each lose 25 Evil Index, and land on the most wanted list as well as being teleported to an open area.

Most Wanted List:
Prison raiders and escaped players will be wanted criminals. Other players can take the manhunt quest in Blython to become bounty hunters and go after them. They will be given a Wanted Scroll that will help them locate the wanted criminals. If players team up to arrest the wanted criminals, all teammates must have the Wanted Scroll to be rewarded with gold and EXP after a successful capture.

Jail terms are designed to punish PK griefers. This game has a sound PVP combat system and offers PVP advocates low risk duels and fair PVP fights. We will walk you through them next time.

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