Neverland Online registers 10k players in its first month


Nearly a month and 10,000 registered players later, Neverland Online is slated to begin Phase 2 Open Beta on November 13.

The Oak Pacific Interactive Game Center has worked hard this past month to improve the game’s functionality and add new features.

Here’s a look at what’s in store:
– Improved in-game translations
– Enhanced gameplay variability with an active Recharge Function
– Players can earn Gold Credit (advanced game money) by reaching certain levels.

Stay tuned for forthcoming information about Neverland Online freebies, including how you can get a free Novice Pack at OnRPG to help you level up.

About Neverland Online

Neverland Online, the hugely popular fantasy browser-based MMORPG developed by China’s Oak Pacific Interactive (OPI), recently became accessible to players in North America and Europe, when an English-language version entered open beta testing on October 15.



Neverland Online - 10k players in its first month


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