New Content Revealed for Blizzard Games at Gamescom 2015

Epic Heroes and knightly cards are just a few of the exciting new things Blizzard Entertainment revealed at gamescom 2015, taking place at the Koelnmesse in Cologne, Germany from August 5–9.

New Content Revealed for Blizzard Games at Gamescom 2015 Starcraft II

StarCraft® II: Legacy of the Void 

Earlier today, Blizzard revealed the first details for Allied Commanders, a brand-new cooperative game mode in Legacy of the Void, the upcoming final chapter of StarCraft II. In Allied Commanders mode, players take on the roles of legendary StarCraft commanders and team up to defeat a host of enemies in a series of objective-based missions, leveling up their commanders as they progress.

Each commander has a distinct play style and devastating abilities, as well as new cooperative powers exclusive to the Allied Commanders mode. New abilities, units, and upgrades are unlocked as the commanders work together to dominate each mission.

Three commanders have just been revealed today and are playable at gamescom:

  • Jim Raynor represents the heart and fighting spirit of the Terran Dominion, leading an army that focuses on infantry and Terran war machines, including the ability to call down the power of the Hyperion Battlecruiser, the flagship of his fleet
  • Kerrigan takes to the battlefield alongside her Swarm, which comprises some of the most iconic Zerg units from the StarCraft franchise
  • Artanis commands the Protoss forces from high above in the Spear of Adun, and can quickly reinforce his allies anywhere on the map, including calling down orbital strikes with deadly precision

Professional StarCraft II players will be demonstrating Allied Commanders at gamescom on the Blizzard stage in Hall 7 from 15:30–16:30 CEST on Saturday, August 8, and from 13:00–14:00 on Sunday, August 9.

New Content Revealed for Blizzard Games at Gamescom 2015 Hearthstone

Hearthstone ® : Heroes of Warcraft

Dashing knights and their trusty steeds join gamescom this year with a preview of The Grand Tournament, the exciting new expansion for Hearthstone®: Heroes of Warcraft due out later this month. Along with 11 new cards revealed today, Blizzard showcased a new “jousting” gameplay mechanic, which gives certain cards the ability to reveal a minion in each deck and win a special advantage for the player if their revealed minion has a higher mana cost than that of their opponent.

New Content Revealed for Blizzard Games at Gamescom 2015 Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm

The influence of Sanctuary within the Nexus continues to expand as part of the ongoing Eternal Conflict in-game event, with the unveiling of a new Diablo®-themed Hero and Battleground:

  • Kharazim, Monk of Ivgorod, is a versatile melee support Hero who can be either a healer or a fighter
  • Infernal Shrines is a three-lane Battleground on which teams compete to call forth a massive Punisher demon that hunts down the opposing team’s Heroes
  • Two additional Heroes have also been revealed:
  • Rexxar, the famed half-ogre, half-orc beastmaster from Warcraft®, is a ranged warrior who fights in tandem with his trusted bear companion, Misha
  • Artanis, the first StarCraft warrior for Heroes of the Storm, will be made available to those who purchase or pre-purchase StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void

New Content Revealed for Blizzard Games at Gamescom 2015 Overwatch


The world could use a new hero, and two new maps, and that’s exactly what Blizzard revealed today for Overwatch, its highly anticipated team-based shooter:

  • Lúcio, an acclaimed Brazilian musician, supports his comrades by using his musical talents to heal them and boost their speed
  • In Numbani, an African city where omnics and humans live together in peace, players escort Doom Fist’s gauntlet to the Numbani Heritage Museum—or prevent their opponents from doing so
  • In Volskaya Industries, a Russian manufacturing center near Siberia where the hostility between humans and omnics remains strong, opposing teams battle over control of the map by capturing or defending critical objectives

Lúcio and the two new maps are playable on the show floor at gamescom, along with Zarya, McCree, and Soldier 76, three heroes announced earlier this year.

New Content Revealed for Blizzard Games at Gamescom 2015 World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft

In addition, Blizzard has revealed its new expansion for World of Warcraft, Legion. Watch the trailer here!

World of Warcraft: Legion ushers in an era of unprecedented conflict for the Alliance and the Horde as the Burning Legion’s crusade against creation enters a terrifying new stage. The expansion is loaded with features and content that will transform players into Azeroth’s elite vanguard against the shadow, including:

  • New Hero Class: Demon Hunter—Unleash the demon within as an all-new melee hero class gifted with preternatural mobility—and the ability to metamorphose into hellish new forms.
  • New Feature: Artifact Weapons—Smite the Legion with legendary weapons of lore. Earn Artifact power to unlock abilities and traits, and customize your weapon to suit your needs.
  • New Continent: The Broken Isles—Discover the fate of a lost night elf civilization, confront twisted fragments of the Emerald Nightmare, and hunt agents of the Legion in all-new zones.
  • New Feature: Order Hall—Whether you’re paladin or warlock, unite fellow NPC members of your class’s order to carry out missions at your command.
  • New PvP Honor System—Fight for fame, glory, and a range of new PvP-specific powers as you face the opposing faction in Arenas and Battlegrounds.
  • Boost to Level 100—Come fully prepared to battle the Legion with a level-100 character boost, and fight alongside your friends in this epic new chapter of World of Warcraft.
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