New Quests Added to Pirates of the Caribbean Online; Retail Game Cards Now Available!

Disney Online has announced the addition of new quests to Pirates of the Caribbean Online as well the availability of Unlimited Access Game Cards at select retail stores across the country!

New Quests and Pirate Gear:
This month, Disney Online introduces three new Quests to Pirates of the Caribbean Online that will give Unlimited Access Pirates a chance to suit up in some prime Pirate gear.

Players can stop by the tailor shop on Port Royal and start the Pirate’s Life Quest after which they can earn a new five-piece outfit that includes a red and white polka-dot bandana, yellow shirt, short buckle boots, belt, and patched pantaloons. In addition, after completing the Clothing for a Pirate Quest, players will stand-out from the crowd in a new unique six-piece outfit. Lastly, players can also now imitate the infamous Pirate Captain Barbossa with a new outfit (including his famous feathered hat) after completing Adoria’s Family Quest.

Each outfit is available for Pirates of varying Notoriety levels (one basic – Level 10+, one intermediate – Level 15+, and one advanced – Level 25+).

Game Cards Now in Stores:
Unlimited Access Game Cards for Pirates of the Caribbean Online are now available for purchase. Sold as 30-day and 90-day game passes, the Game Cards give players Unlimited Access to all that the Caribbean has to offer. Cards are now available at select Target and Best Buy stores nationwide, with more retail locations coming soon.

Disney Online has additional content planned for the game including the addition of new enemies. Click here to view concept art of these new foes.

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