New Shadow Missions Added in Mabinogi’s Upcoming Alchemist Update

New Shadow Missions Added in Mabinogi’s Upcoming Alchemist Update


Mabinogi’s upcoming Alchemist content update will introduce new Shadow Missions for players to explore the expanding world of Mabinogi.  These Shadow Missions are scaled according to a player’s level, allowing all to participate.  Players can access Shadow Missions by accepting quests from the mission board and then visiting Stonehenge to enter.  Entrance to the Shadow Realm requires only a click on the altar.

Mabinogi Shadow Missions Board

Accept Missions from the Board


Shadow Mission party quests take place in dungeons and have several objectives that players can choose from.  The objectives are known as Defense, Assault, Seek and Destroy, and Hold the Line Missions.  Each different Shadow Mission has a unique objective and players can pick which one suits their play style best.  As a party quest, players can team up with their friends or recruit other adventurers by posting on the party board.

Mabinogi Shadow Mission Reward

Unique Quest Objectives


Adventurous players who take on a Shadow Mission are generously rewarded with EXP and gold.   Each mission rewards differently depending on the player’s level.  Additionally, after defeating the boss in the Search and Destroy Shadow Mission, players will be rewarded with an item cache.
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Mabinogy Scary Shadow Mission

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