Nexon America Offers Huge Holiday Deals to Gamers this Week

Nexon America Offers Huge Holiday Deals to Gamers this Week

Those searching for the perfect last minute gift for the gamers in their lives are in luck: Nexon’s all-star lineup of award winning free-to-play games are having massive sales and in-game holiday events. Holiday activities include special increased experience events and winter-themed adventures.


Here’s a sampling of the holiday sales and themed activities that are now available to players:


Combat Arms – Players are encouraged to login for the Scorpions versus Spiders event, now through Jan. 16. Every soldier has been issued an assignment to either the Scorpion or Spider team, where each team competes daily to achieve the most GP and EXP throughout the day. Winners for each day will be marked with a flag on the Combat Arms homepage calendar, with special prizes up for grabs.


Combat Arms


Players should also be on the lookout for a massive permanent weapon sale, occurring through January, where older permanent weapons can be discounted up to 50 percent. A free item will also be given away during the Nutcracker event, where soldiers can win a free item for executing 10 nutshots throughout the span of one day, all while cheerful holiday music plays throughout the game.


Lastly, in celebration of new beginnings, a free kill-to-death ratio reset option will be given for the New Year.


Dungeon Fighter Online – It’s the Winter Festival in Arad, and in celebration of the holidays, Dungeon Fighter Online is giving away items for free every day during the ‘Tis the Season for Giving event just for logging in. Players can expect to find gifts such as double EXP potions, skill reset items, Dungeon Fighter Online figurines and NX (in-game currency) during various events. Players can also login to find sales on Premium Avatar Tokens, Holiday Express, and special Holiday Masquerade Avatars. Catch some snowfall to gain EXP, help decorate a dungeon, and pick up new Act VI: Kiss of the Gun and female gunner awakening items up until Jan. 5.


Dungeon Fighter

Mabinogi – Players will have many opportunities to gather in-game items through the Ancient Treasure Chest event. Players should be on the lookout for Fomor minions as they’re dropping strange fragments that can be formed into a treasure chest. Presenting ten of these magical fragments will present a reward through Dec. 28. Additionally, during the All for One, One for All Guild event, guilds can assemble at least ten members to be present at 5:25 p.m. PST every day until Dec. 21 to receive a prize.




The competition is heating up this holiday season with the Mabinogi Ski, Ski Jump, and Fireworks events, where players compete to get the best time and distance. Special prizes are rewarded, but players should act fast, because the Ski, Ski Jump, and Fireworks events end on Dec. 21, 22 and 20 respectively.


For the pet collector in every Mabinogi fan, a sale on the Snow Tiger is taking place through Dec. 22. For a limited time only, players may purchase a package that includes a Snow Tiger as well as the Bengal Tiger, and, those who purchase this package will receive an email with a coupon code for a Tiger Hat at the end of the promotional period.

Finally, starting Dec. 22, players will have the chance to dye in-game clothing to various hues and shades of red and green during the red/green due ampoule sale.


MapleStory – For the week of Dec. 20 to Dec 28, players can purchase the Holiday Surprise, a highly valuable version of MapleStory’s usual Cash Shop Surprise. There will also be holiday themed decorative and effect items in the Shop. Additionally, players can explore the holiday-themed zone of Happyville from Dec. 20 through Jan. 5, where players can participate in the annual Maple Christmas Tree Event. As a bonus, on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day from 2p.m. to 4 p.m. PST, a double experience and enemy item drop event will take place.


Maple Story


Vindictus – A swarm of holiday avatar items are available for Vindictus mercenaries, including special candy stripe inner armor, Santa hats, and more. Special coupons for packages containing discounts on permanent items are available through Jan. 4, and can be redeemable through Jan. 18. Players can also reap the rewards of special in-game events, where players can win their own set of reindeer antlers and a glowing red nose.




Additionally, players can get 11 free snowballs from the supply depot every day from Dec. 15 through Jan. 4, or purchase them in bulk at the supply depot. Snowballs can be used as secondary weapons to freeze enemies, or even launch at their friends in Colhen, which has been specially decorated for the holiday season.


To celebrate the introduction of the new tattoo customization option, all characters who purchase the Tiger Head Tattoo from Dec. 15 through Jan. 11 will receive Tiger Torso and Tiger Tail tattoos free on Jan. 19. Lastly, players can spread the holiday spirit by pressing F1 in dungeons or on the boats to say “Happy Holidays!” to teammates.


“The holidays represent a key area of growth for us,” said Daniel Kim, Nexon America’s CEO. “We see a significant increase in online gameplay during the holiday weeks, so we work hard to bring exciting and highly desired in-game items to our customers and create memorable in-game events and as a token of our appreciation to our players.”

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