Nexon Europe announces new character class for MapleStory

Nexon Europe

Nexon Europe is thrilled to announce the brand new character class for the acclaimed action-oriented, side-scrolling MMORPG MapleStory: Zero.

Zero is the child of Rhinne, the Transcendence of Time, who was split in two by the evil and jealous Black Mage, leaving a male and female: Alpha and Beta. Imprisoned in the Mirror World, an unstable and incomplete shadow of Maple World, Alpha and Beta must battle across the strange land to combine their powers, break free, fulfil their destinies, and become the next Transcendence of Time.

Available starting today, Zero will wield unique weapons that evolve and level up with the character; Alpha has a long sword named Lazuli, while Beta possesses a much heavier weapon named Lapis. These weapons will upgrade every 10 levels, up to level 170. When attacking, Zero will utilize a combination combo system that will allow them to perform powerful and spectacular combos by just pressing one attack key.

“We’re excited to bring Maplers the next unique character and a whole new thrilling adventure to get started on,” said Anna Kwon, Lead Product Manager at Nexon Europe. “For the more experienced players, as well as those newer to the game, this will provide a brand new challenge and a great opportunity to plunge back into the strange and fantastical Maple World.”

A number of events will be held throughout July to celebrate the arrival of Zero. The Zero Red Coin Event, starting from 2nd July, will give players the chance to collect special red coins that can give them access to powerful bonuses via the Zero Gratias Ring.

6th July sees the start of Hot Time, when players that take part can earn powerful in-game items. Also active in July are the Spirit Pendant Event and Bull Festival Event.

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