Next Runes of Magic content update introduces desert zone

Next Runes of Magic content update introduces desert zone


Runes of Magic publisher Frogster has announced today that the forthcoming content update, patch 3.0.6, will include the new Limo Desert zone as well as a range of other features. The desert zone contains a total of nine sub-regions, one instance, as well as seven oasis settlements, which act as supply stations for players.


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The Limo Desert is a long, parched grassland, once inhabited by different tribes including the so-called Canine people. These doglike bipeds are divided into two clans, which once fought side-by-side against their common oppressor. However, present day conflict, which threatens to escalate into a full-blown war, has divided the noble Iron Teeth and the rapacious Rotteneyes tribes.


In one of the regions, the Kingdom of Limon, lie the mortal remains of one of the Canine tribe’s most decorated war heroes. Players must reach the pyramid-shaped burial chamber buried deep in the desert zone instance, which offers both tactical challenges and plenty of surprises.


For more information on the new zone and Runes of Magic, visit the official website. 



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