Novus Aeterno Leaves Press in Awe in First Appearance at PAX

Novus Aeterno Leaves Press in Awe in First Appearance at PAX



Taitale Studios, the completely independent shop behind the hotly anticipated MMORTS title, Novus AEterno, is getting great buzz and critical acclaim following its showing at PAX Prime August 31 – September 2, 2012 where it received several awards and nominations for everything from “Most Innovative” to “Best Customization”, “Best Surprise Reveal” and more. The game is expected to go into an exclusive testing phase where its “infiltrators” will be among the first to play the game.



MMORPG picked only the top 5 titles from PAX Prime and Novus AEterno was one of the titles they felt rose to the top as the MOST INNOVATIVE title of the show:  “Novus Aeterno was our winner for Most Innovative Game at PAX Prime 2012 for good reason: It’s an up-and-comer that will shake both MMO and RTS genres to their very core.”



MMORPG also stated, that Novus Aeterno “is the real deal, embodying both the massive multiplayer online experience with the real-time strategy genre. It is the perfect blending of the two that ultimately creates something entirely new on the scene.”  Finally they said of the game, “If the team behind Novus Aeterno can pull it off, it’s certainly going to be one of the most genre-busting (or genre-expanding) games ever to come down the pike.” named Novus its BEST RTS of PAX 2012 saying “With massive galactic worlds, clever combinations of community and resource management, and a setting where PvE and PvP are one and the same, you really can’t hang with Novus Aeterno in the space RTS setting right now.”



Novus also took home several Runner-up nominations from ONRPG and MMOhut including one for BEST INDIE saying “.about as Indie as they get, built from a team founded by the 16 year old prodigy Nick Nieuwoudt, in just 6 years he has acquired a team of devs, writers, artists, programmers, and even Major General Jim Hunt of the US Airforce to ensure that every bit of the tactical aspects of this game are spot on to reality.”  Novus was also nominated as BEST SURPRISE REVEAL citing that it “.came out of nowhere and blew the show away with some of the most advanced customization features we’ve ever seen in an RTS and finally it scored a nod  as runner-up for BEST CUSTOMIZATION “Novus Aeterno pops up again due to the insane amounts of tweaks and mods you can make to your arsenal of air ships. Starting from 5 basic archetypes, you can build and paint your ships to not only look the way you want, but bring the utility and firepower you desire.”



RTS Guru says of Novus “It is the biggest ding-dong-danged space RTS you can imagine.” named Novus its Best RTS of PAX Prime and says of the game “If you’re an RTS fan, you owe it to yourself to check out Novus AEterno.”



For those not in the know yet, the storyline of Novus Aeterno goes as follows. After the catastrophic destruction of the main five empires that have dominated the galaxy for eons, Novus AEterno catapults you into this wild and unstable galaxy, and allows you to determine the course of events between the conflict of various factions. To be the victor, you must use be the most cunning and tactical in the galaxy-but don’t forget that trickery, traps and alliances are fair in peace and war!

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