OnRPG August Expansions Update!

OnRPG August Expansions Update!



The MMO world is alive and well this month as a constant stream of expansion and game update  announcements have been arriving at OnRPG. Here’s a quick guide to what’s new around the net this week in game updates!


Second Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 Trailer Released

Fans have been given a second trailer for the upcoming A Realm Reborn patch. The first trailer was released just two weeks ago and Square-Enix is being fairly tight lipped about what the patch will feature. But this new trailer is action packed and makes fans even more eager.



Age of Empires Online Adding New Civilizations

Babylonians are coming to Age of Empires Online. A new booster pack is also being released which will feature the land of Mesopotamia. It is filled with level scaling quests for levels 20-40. These will be released on August 16th to coincide with the game’s one year anniversary.



EVE Inferno 1.2 Overhauls Tutorial

EVE’s tutorial has been given a complete overhaul in the most recent patch in an attempt to make it more friendly to new players. In addition the character creation process has seen some changes. These are just a couple of the huge list of changes in the patch notes. Which can be found by going http://community.eveonline.com/updates/patchnotes.asp


Dark Blood Unveils Act III


Dark Fantasy MMO arcade brawler Dark Blood has unveiled the details for Act III which include a level cap increase to 40. There is also a map expansion which features dungeons, mobs and bosses. A poisonous gas turns Knights into zombies which you then have to fight.



World of Tanks Announces 8.0

Wargaming has announced the details of update 8.0 for World of Tanks. It features a newly improved game engine, realistic tank movement physics, and improved rendering. New customization options are being introduced which include mini-map functions. Five new Soviet tank destroyers will be added and the British will get their first premium machine, the Matilda Black Prince experimental medium infantry tank.



Forge of Empires Shows Off New Buildings


Innogames has published images of four Great Buildings which will feature in Forge of Empires in the next few weeks. There will be legendary buildings from the Iron Age to the Colonial age. Players get access to these buildings by collecting blueprints then constructing them. They give significant stat boosts to the owners and anyone who helps build them receives rewards as well.



Gremlins Come to Vindictus

A new pet has come to Vindictus, Gremlins. You don’t have to worry about feeding these guys after midnight though. These cute little creatures help you fight and look adorable doing it.



Sea of Dawn Comes to ROSE Online

The new update coming to ROSE Online is Sea of Dawn. It increases the level cap to 230, has a new multi tiered dungeon and even includes new weapons. Veterans will be introduced to Exalted Raids which brings in the hardest level raids so far. But will great difficult comes great loot.



Stronghold Kingdoms’ Summer Update Brings New Quests

Over 150 new quests have been added to Stronghold Kingdoms in the new Summer Update. These new quests will be made available in a new quest system which will unlock quests as you progress. In addition there is a new Quest Wheel which awards players with in game items



Allods Online Opens New Horizons


The launch of the new expansion called New Horizons has been announced. The update rebalances Paladin and Psionicist classes and introduces new buffs. In addition a new server has been opened for North American players.

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