OnRPG Shotgun News 10/11: RIFT, Age of Wushu, Lineage II, and Much More!

OnRPG Shotgun News 10/11: RIFT, Age of Wushu, Lineage II, and Much More!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist



New Video Shows Off Dimensions In Rift

A new video, exclusive to Game Trailers shows off the upcoming player housing called Dimensions. Coming with the release of Storm Legion players will be able to unlock dimensions in specific regions of Telara that can be used to build homes, inns, even ships! Almost anything the developers have used in creating Rift will be available for players to use.




Playspan Update

Yesterday we reported that Playspan had been hacked leaving thousands of accounts from major MMOs vulnerable. We’re now happy to report that several of these MMOs including Eve, Guild Wars, and Turbine Studios have all reported that they do not use the service.



New Age of Wushu Gameplay Trailer Revealed

The founder of Snail Games Shi Hai revealed a new trailer for Age of Wushu during a speech at GDC Online. Age of Wushu is due for release in North America next year. In China it is one of the top games with more than 10 million registered users.




Guild Wars 2 Mobile Authenticator in Beta

The promised GW2 mobile authenticator is now in beta. Players are asked to try it out and give feedback. But also warned that some changes are already in the works for it. Security has been a hot topic for Guild Wars 2 for some time.



League of Legends Fines Cheaters $30,000

After an investigation into the alleged cheating that took place during a League of Legends tournament League of Legends has fined the team that took part in it $30,000. All of it will be donated to a charity in Korea. While the investigation did find them guilty it also said that it did not ultimately decide the outcome of the match.



Neverwinter Beta Keys For Winners of Writing Contest

Perfect World has announced that the top three winners of their spooky adventure writing competition will receive beta invites for Neverwinter as well as some sweet swag. All of the rules and details can be found on the official site.



Teaser Site Up For Lineage II Update

Upcoming update Glory Days for Lineage II has a new teaser website complete with a competitions page and the trailer. It also has a link to the patch notes which are on the Lineage II forums.

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