OnRPG Shotgun News 11/1: Everquest II, SMITE, AION, and Much More!

OnRPG Shotgun News 11/1: Everquest II, SMITE, AION, and Much More!



Jagex Announces shooter Ace of Spades

The makers of RuneScape have announced a new shooter, Ace of Spades. The game has had a large following as 2.5 million people have tried out the prototype. The innovative first person shooter allows players complete control over their battlefield which they can change and build throughout a game session. A map can have up to 32 people all taking part in the fast paced gameplay. Ace of Spades will be on Steam in December 2012 for a small one time fee.



Get Everquest II Time in Game

From today you can purchase Krono, a currency which gives 30 days of game time when consumed. They can be bought from the Everquest II website then sold and traded by players in game. They aren’t going to replace any of the usual payment methods and for right now it is just a trial. If all goes well there are hopes to take it to Everquest, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, and any new games SOE release.



Second SMITE Know Your God Video Highlights Anubis

The latest video from SMITE gives a bit of history to Anubis. Explaining his birth, how he became associated with mummification and death, and showing off a bit of the art for SMITE’s Anubis. It also mentions briefly a list of Anubis’ abilities as a mage. In other SMITE news a new arena mode is being introduced which is 5 vs 5, has side objectives.



Ragnar Tørnquist Founds New Studio and Stays With TSW

Ragnar Tørnquist has founded Red Thread Games to work on the latest installment of the massively popular The Longest Journey franchise titled Dreamfall Chapters. He will continue working with Funcom as an advisor to The Secret World and keep his title of Creative Director. On his twitter Ragnar confirmed that the game would not be online and will be a single player for PC/Mac.



Brick-Force Update Blasting In From Outer Space

The first major update to Brick-Force is nearly upon us. Today marks the start of “Brickstar” season. With it comes futuristic bricks, skyboxes, outfits, and a new gravity system. A new trailer for season 2 shows off the new adjustable gravity feature. Have a look at the video below.



Lord of the Rings Online Comes to Mac

For all you Mac MMO players out there today is a good day. LOTRO: Riders of Rohan has come. To get started just head over to the Lord of the Rings Online website.



Aion 4.0 To Introduce Katalam

The next big update to come to Aion will feature a new zone called Katalam as well as the three new classes which have already been announced. There isn’t any information about the new zone yet but there is some pretty concept art.



WorldAlpha Announces Closed Beta Dates

The social strategy MMORTS WorldAlpha will be having a final Alpha test and three closed beta tests in the next two months leading up to the end of the year. The first of them starts next week. To sign up to participate head to the official website where applications are being taken now.



GetAmped Tomorrow

The free to play brawler GetAmped is coming to the English speaking European community tomorrow. And a week after that the French and German communities will both be able to take part as well. Have a look at the video celebrating the leap to Europe.



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