OnRPG Shotgun News 11/12: Blizzard, The Secret World, and League of Legends

OnRPG Shotgun News 11/12: Blizzard, The Secret World, and League of Legends

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist



Blizzard Facing Class Action Suit Over Player Data

Blizzard is facing allegations that the Battle.net Authenticator has made them millions while providing minimal security protection. The plaintiffs are seeking damages, asking that Blizzard be prevented from forcing battle.net accounts on non MMO games and finally that Blizzard not be allowed to add undisclosed costs to ensure security.


The Secret World Updating PvP in Issue 4

Issue 4, Big Trouble in the Big Apple is coming. And aside from nasty monster trouble in New York players can look forward to some big changes to the most popular PvP region in TSW, Funsang Projects. One of the biggest changes is that defending objectives is incentivized. This means that zerging as Fusang is currently run will be no more. There will be pvp vendors in Fusang, White Marks of Venice will be changed and there will now be cross dimension Fusang.



League of Legends Pre-Season Changes Coming

Riot Game’s Lead Designer Morello has been rallying all the big names in the dev department for League of Legends over the past week preparing their players for a huge line-up changes set to rock the foundations of the way players tackle Summoner’s Rift. With changes coming to champion itemization and build diversity, new jungle items, gold cost reworks, jungle monster reworks, and a few unforseen changes that have yet to be announced, players of old will have to relearn their tactics and adjust to a possible change in the way the game is played. Today also marks a hefty patch to bring season 2 to a close, offering rewards for competitive players that earned them while offering hefty buffs to multiple AP characters including newly released champion Elise.

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