OnRPG Shotgun News 11/14: DK Online, TSW, RIFT, and Much More!

OnRPG Shotgun News 11/14: DK Online, TSW, RIFT, and Much More!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist



DK Online Enters Closed Beta

Aeria Games’ highly anticipated free to play fantasy MMORPG has now entered closed beta. There will be events held throughout the closed beta and prizes for players who reach certain level milestones first. Daily events will be held my game masters. For more information on the events and much more players are encouraged to watch the DK Online Facebook page.



New The Secret World Video Shows off Issue 4

A new video has been released by Funcom; narrated by Joel Bylos it goes through some of the features that can be expected with Issue 4 sometime this month. It includes the very first raid, a 10 man excursion into Manhattan that features terrifying gigantic monsters. There are also huge changes to pvp, reticule combat, and the newest auxiliary weapon, the chainsaw. It will be going live tomorrow!




Rift Storm Legion Sales Beyond Expectations

Trion has said that the sales of Rift’s first expansion Storm Legion have been beyond expectations. An original forecast had Trion targeting a 7% adoption rate. The reality as they found out yesterday was that 13% have adopted Storm Legion already with the numbers climbing hourly.



Star Trek Online Season 7 Launches

Star Trek Online Season 7, New Romulus is now live. Executive Producer Daniel Stahl described it as, “the first time Star Trek fans will have a chance to participate in the story of rebuilding the Romulan Empire.” To find out more about Season 7 check out the trailer below.




Darkfall Unholy Wars Delayed

Earlier today it was announced that Darkfall Unholy Wars wouldn’t make the November 20 launch date that was originally scheduled. The release date has now been set to 12/12/12. The current game will still be going offline tomorrow for scheduled maintenance.



Wartune Announces Huge Update Patch 1.4.5

This coming Thanksgiving Wartune will be seeing a huge content update with the release of patch 1.4.5. Included in it will be features like Rested Experience, Guild Chat, Guild Battle and highly anticipated Legendary equipment. All of these and much more will be released in the upcoming patch.

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