OnRPG Shotgun News 11/15: eSports, SMITE, Guild Wars 2, and Much More!

OnRPG Shotgun News 11/15: eSports, SMITE, Guild Wars 2, and Much More!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist



SMITE Releases Video Revealing Bacchus

Bacchus, the God of Wine is highlighted this week in Smite’s latest God Reveal video. The nearly six minute long video shows off drunken fighting from the God of Wine, his various skills and the best builds to use.



San Francisco Star Trek Convention Attendees to Receive Special STO Items

Star Trek Online fans will be wanting to attend the San Francisco Star Trek convention November 16-18 to receive a unique STO Holo-Leeta Duty Officer and the title “Convention Veteran.” There are two ways to claim the codes for these items. Both involve pictures of yourself! Take a picture of yourself at the convention then tweet @TrekOnlineGame or go onto the STO forums.


Fractals of the Mist Introduced In GW2 Dev Diary

A recent dev diary has introduced the new level 80 Fractals of the Mist dungeon. Thanks to the work of the asura Dessa fragments of time have been stabilized to allow small groups of people to travel to some familiar and not so familiar events in time. While this dungeon is meant for level 80s it is accessible to anyone of any level. It is also a scaling dungeon, that means it get harder the more times you do it, but also more rewarding.



Glitch MMO To Close

Tiny Speck has announced that it will close it’s casual MMO, Glitch on December 9. The company had this to say about the reasons for the closure; “Unfortunately, Glitch has not attracted an audience large enough to sustain itself and based on a long period of experimentation and our best estimates, it seems unlikely that it ever would.” This is partly being blamed on the move to mobile games and the decline of Flash as a tool for making games.



Knight Age Mega Expansion Coming Soon

The biggest expansion to come to Knight Age is expected to be released on November 20. With it the level cap will be raised 7 levels to a maximum of 42. In addition a new mount and two combat pets will be made available to players. And for players looking for a challenge Grey Shores of Oblivion is a new map being added that takes players to a beautiful but deadly mountainous region.



eSports Globally Unified After New Partnership

The Electronic Sports League (ESL), Major League Gaming (MLG), and DreamHack have formed a new partnership to unify and elevate eSports around the world. The initial partnership will surround the rest of the tournaments for 2012 and all of those in 2013. With the partnership between the three biggest eSports leagues comes a universal ranking system, a master tournament schedule, unified competition structure, and cross promotion of events.

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