OnRPG Shotgun News 11/16: SWTOR, Ingress, RIFT, and Primal Carnage!

OnRPG Shotgun News 11/16: SWTOR, Ingress, RIFT, and Primal Carnage!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist



Star Wars: The Old Republic Goes Free To Play

Yesterday marked the transition from the pay to play model to one that is free to play for SWTOR. At the same time update 1.5 was released giving players access to the much demanded HK-51 companion assassin droid. A new mission area called Section X has also been added giving the players more daily challenges.




Study Shows the Key to Player Loyalty

A study has been conducted by the University at Buffalo School of Management which followed 173 MMORPG players The study showed that giving players more control and ownership of their characters created loyalty as well as giving players a sense of community with chat rooms and guild options.



Google Introduces Ingress

Google joins the mobile gaming industry with augmented reality game Ingress. For now it is only available for android but an iOS app is coming. The awesome video for Ingress seems like something out of Hollywood. The game is currently in closed beta and you can sign up to take part in it on the official site.



Rift going Free to Play…in Korea

Just days after the extremely successful launch of Rift’s first expansion Storm Legion news has surfaced that Rift will be going free to play in Korea. The change is to help combat dwindling player numbers which have plagued the MMO in Korea. Other recent efforts by Trion have so far failed. Rift will be f2p in Korea on November 20.



Primal Carnage Releases New Content

Answering the calls for new content Primal Carnage has been given new maps for players to explore, a new objective based mode called “Get to the Chopper” and announced new skins coming out later this month.

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