OnRPG Shotgun News 11/21: TSW, Realms, Age of Wulin, and Much More!

OnRPG Shotgun News 11/21: TSW, Realms, Age of Wulin, and Much More!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist



The Secret World New York Raid Goes Live

Fans of Funcom’s The Secret World have reason to rejoice today. The game’s first raid, Big Trouble in The Big Apple has launched. The studio has been hinting and showing off bits of it since before Gamescom in August. The 10 person raid takes place in a New York City that has seen better days and has more Orochi redshirts than you can shake a stick at.



Guild Wars 2 Wants to Know What You Thought of Lost Shores

ArenaNet has sent out a survey to find out what players thought of last weekend’s Lost Shores event in Guild Wars 2. This comes after many players made a list of complaints ranging from lag to timing and bugs. If you took part in last weekend’s event in Guild Wars 2 and want to leave your thoughts you can do so by going to this link. http://newsletters.ncsoft.com/emp/gw2/announcement/2012-11-21/na.html



Perfect World Third Quarter Revenue Results Down

Perfect World has released a financial earnings report for the third quarter which ended September 30th 2012. They show total revenue and net income both down from the third quarter of last year. But it isn’t bad news for the publisher. The numbers are actually at the higher end of what Perfect World anticipated. With releases like Dota 2 in China, Cryptic’s Neverwinter, and Swordsman Online the publisher still has quite a lot to look forward to in the near future.



Realms Online and Regnum Online Becoming Champions of Regnum

GameSamba has announced that quite soon Realms Online and Regnum Online will get an update which will bring them together under one title, Champions of Regnum. The update will bring new PvP and RvR opportunities as it unifies players from around the world under a single brand.



Age of Wulin Forums Launch With Guild Recruitment Drive

Gala Networks Europe has opened the official Age of Wulin forums in anticipation of beta tests which are set to begin in early 2013. They’re also encouraging guilds to start recruiting now as guilds can have up to 400 people and will be vital in the 1,300 player strong mass pvp.



Heroes and Generals Releases Eisenhower Videolog

A new developer log has been released for Heroes and Generals’ Eisenhower build of the game. The video shows some of the latest changes which include a new matchmaking service which will make it easier for players to jump straight into combat.



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