OnRPG Shotgun News 11/27: ArcheAge, DCUO, Gaming Sexism, and Much More!

OnRPG Shotgun News 11/27: ArcheAge, DCUO, Gaming Sexism, and Much More!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist



ArcheAge Gameplay Video From Tencent Games Festival 2012

Just when you thought it was safe to look away from ArcheAge and the Tencent Games Festival another video showing off 15 minutes worth of gameplay emerges from MMO Culture. The video quality isn’t the best but you can forgive that as it was recorded at one of the demo stations in the convention.




DCUO Adds PvP Map and More in Update 21

Updated 21 has hit DCUO. With it comes a new map called Inner Sanctum in Arena PvP as well as Legends PvP. Auto looting has been introduced. So long as players have inventory space. A ton of other quality of life changes were made with the update. You can see all of that in the official patch notes.



APB: Reloaded Announces Update 10

In the next few weeks APB: Reloaded fans can be expecting to see update 10. Two new T5 contacts are being introduced and will be available for anyone who has completed the two boss contacts from their faction’s organization. These contacts bring with them all sorts of goodies which can be unlocked by pledging and completing missions with them. Several videos have been released showing off the many features. My personal favorite is car surfing.



SWTOR Gives Preferred Players More Quickbars

After hearing the cries of players about the number of quickbars being limited because of their free status SWTOR has announced they are giving Preferred Players two additional quickbars. The patch putting this into place will come sometime next week.



City of Steam Dev Journal Shows off Player Designed In Game Items

Players who have bought the Paragon level of the collaborator packs have had an opportunity to design an in game item with the help of the developers. Though only one of them was actually able to sit down face to face with them several designs have emerged. The item designing will be phased out of the Paragon collaborator level on December 5 so if you’d like to design an item you have few days left to buy the pack.



Twitter #1ReasonWhy Takes On Game Industry Sexism

Yesterday anyone who knows anyone involved in the gaming industry likely saw the #1ReasonWhy hashtag. It started as a simple question, “why are there so few lady game creators?” Many women in the industry spoke up of experiences getting jobs, attending conventions and even a story on how to avoid unwanted attention from coworkers. Men of course joined the discussion as well some of them even admitting that they are part of the problem. Naturally it wouldn’t be the internet with a few negative comments. I’m sure at least one mentioned sammiches. But good came of the discussion as CEOs and developers invited women to apply to their companies while others started the #1ReasonMentors hashtag to bring people together from all across the industry.



World Cyber Games 2012 Will Include World of Tanks Grand Finals

Professional gamers around the world have been competing to take part in the World of Tanks grand final being held at World Cyber Games 2012 in Kunshan, China between November 29-December 2. The tournament will begin with two groups of eight and seven teams that will send the top two competitors in each group to advance to the elimination, best of three competition. All stage matches will be broadcast on Twitch.TV.



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