OnRPG Shotgun News 12/11: Transformers MOBA, POTCO, Chrono Tales, and Much More!

OnRPG Shotgun News 12/11: Transformers MOBA, POTCO, Chrono Tales, and Much More!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist



Transformers Universe to be a MOBA

News has come out that browser based Transformers Universe is to be a MOBA instead of an MMO. In an interview with Edge Online Chief Creative Director Alex Horton said the following:


“Transformers are about war; they’re about action. They don’t carry gold, bake bread, catch fish, cut down trees. But for all they take away, they throw open so many more opportunities,” says Horton about the reasoning behind the retooling. “Maybe there’s more in a selection of characters and abilities, and the strategy in that, than there is [in] levelling a character endlessly and going through fuck loads of boss battles.”



World of Tanks Dev Want To Know What You Think

Wargaming.net producer Dmitry “Overlord” Yudo has taken to his blog to get player feedback on World of Tanks’ clan wars mode. In it he says that development on it has been “rather slow” but that he is determined to change this in the future. So far there have only been 8 responses. You can read them and even leave your own at the following link. http://overlord-wot.blogspot.ie/2012/12/wot-your-global-war.html



Revive POTCO Group Petitions Disney

A group of organized players of Pirates of the Caribbean Online have started a petition in the hopes to get attention from Disney to help save their stagnant MMO. POTCO was launched in 2007 and though according to the Revive POTCO group the last major update was in December of 2011 there is still a large core of dedicated fans. These fans are hoping to grab Disney’s attention to get some updates to the game to keep the fans they have and save the game from what seems like it can only be a slow death. To find out more about the petition or sign it yourself head to the group’s website. http://revivepotco.org/



R2Games Announces Broken Realm

R2Games has announced a new medieval fantasy MMO called Broken Realm. In it there are four classes, each with three subclasses. There are also a number of unique game systems you’ll only find in Broken Realm. They include Wisdom, Military Rank, and Dragon’s Hoard. There isn’t much more on the game yet and the website is somewhat limited.



Chrono Tales Enters Closed Beta

For the next two weeks players will be able to take part in Chrono Tales’ closed beta testing. Players can only go as far as level 40 and all progress will be wiped at the end of the two weeks. By going on the official website players can get all sorts of giveaways, from gift packs to daily log in bonuses.



Silkroad Online Reveals Hunting Event

As part of the ongoing updates to Silkroad Online Joymax has announced a massive hunt to take place starting December 18th. This is when Part 2 of the major updates comes and 15 million players will take part in a massive world wide event called “Roc Time Attack!” At various times in the two starter regions Roc will be summoned. Players then have 10 minutes to defeat it. If this happens a second one will spawn, and players will again have 10 minutes to defeat it. And if they manage this then a three unique monsters will spawn. These must all be defeated in…you guessed it, 10 minutes. Completion of the event offers a variety of rewards which includes epic armor and weapons.

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