OnRPG Shotgun News 12/14: MechWarrior, TERA, C9 EU, and Much More

OnRPG Shotgun News 12/14: MechWarrior, TERA, C9 EU, and Much More

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Elder Scribe



MechWarrior Teams With Penny Arcade for Guide

As part of an ongoing partnership between MechWarrior Online and Penny Arcade a new informative guide has been created for potential pilots. It is inspired by the airplane safety cards you would find on all flights. It has five tips over two pages. You can see all of it by going to the MechWarrior site here. http://mwomercs.com/pennyarcade



C9 Arrives in Europe on gPotato.eu

Webzen and Gala Networks are pleased to announce that free to play action MMO Continent of the Ninth Seal (C9) is now available on gPotato.eu in English. Other languages available are Polish, Turkish, Italian, French, and German.



EA Making Play4Free Part of Origin

EA has announced that free to play gaming hub Play4Free will be folded into it’s online store Origin. Origin already has a section for all the free to play games.


Age of Conan F2P Options Gets Tweaked

Funcom has announced that anyone taking advantage of the free to play option in Age of Conan will be getting a bit more. All twelve classes are being made available and f2pers will be able carry 10 gold instead of just 2. In addition all the pre 80 dungeons have been made available.



Asheron’s Call 2 Returns

Six years after being shut down, a single server of Asheron’s Call 2 has been created. To be able to play on the Asheron’s Call 2 server you must be an active subscriber to Asheron’s Call. It is in a sort of beta state at the moment as there are a lot of tests and bugs to work out.



Buy TERA Box, Get An Epic Mount

For a limited time when you buy a boxed edition of TERA you will also get an Epic lion mount. The Tawny Huntress is only available via this deal or by trade inside the game. In addition players will get two emeralds, and two semi-enigmatic scrolls. Unfortunately if you bought the game prior to yesterday you’re out of luck.



Darkfall Unholy Wars Pre-Order Now Available

Though the beta for Darkfall Unholy Wars has been delayed yet again players can pre-order the game via the official website. With it you get instant beta access, 30 days of game time after launch, and the chance to reserve your name.

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