OnRPG Shotgun News 2/1: League of Legends, Webzen, RaiderZ, and Much More!

OnRPG Shotgun News 2/1: League of Legends, Webzen, RaiderZ, and Much More!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Elder Scribe



League of Legends Previews Third S3 Preseason Patch and New Ranking System

Riot Games has revealed their plans for addressing the constant player complaints that AD mid-laners in League of Legends have become far too strong and HP too valuable of a stat for too cheap a price. With nerfs coming to Warmogs, Sunfire Cape, and Giant’s Belt along with a new item designed to help AP characters build early game defense without losing out on damage, we should see some of this issue alleviated. Details on the new form of ranking system to replace the elo system are also shown in a graphically awesome way. Check out the trailer for full details.




Webzen Purchasing Gala-Net and gPotato

It has been announced that Webzen will be purchasing 100% of Gala-Net and gPotato. The transaction is expected to be settled on February 15th. The deal is worth about 17 million USD.



RaiderZ Announces Expansion

Perfect World Entertainment has announced the first expansion for their free to play MMO RaiderZ. The expansion is called Broken Silence and will include everything from a raised level cap to new epic monsters.



Mandatory Password Changes Coming to GW2

For any Guild Wars 2 players who haven’t changed their passwords since before September 12, 2012 your time is nearly up before you’ll forced to do so. The deadline for changes is February 7, 2013, at which time you will be required to change your password before you can log in. This is to get rid of a list of passwords which have previously been used by hackers to access accounts.



LOTRO Producer’s Letter Looks Ahead

A new Producer’s letter has been released looking ahead at the rest of what will be in store for Lord of the Rings Online in 2013. There are four major things highlighted; Player’s Council,Western Rohan, Housing, and Class Adjustments. A player’s council will be created in the efforts to create a better dialog between gamer and developer. More about it will be coming in the next few weeks. The rest of Rohan will be implemented in two stages throughout the year. The housing system will see a major revision. And finally, later in the year the classes will undergo some significant changes.

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