OnRPG Shotgun News 2/14: Gas Powered Games, Unreal 4, Camelot Unchained, and Much More!

OnRPG Shotgun News 2/14: Gas Powered Games, Unreal 4, Camelot Unchained, and Much More!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Elder Scribe



Wargaming Acquires Gas Powered Games

Just days after announcing they would be ending their Kickstarter campaign for action rpg Wildman it has been announced that developers Gas Powered Games has been acquired by Wargaming. This is just the latest in what seems to be a huge expansion by Wargaming into several genres across a variety of platforms. With over 15 titles Wargaming employs more than 1,400 across the world. World of Mechs anyone?



League of Legends 3.02 Patch Preview Goes Live

A new five minute long video has been released going through some of the big changes coming to League of Legends in 3.02. Changes will come to Akali, Nasus, Riven, various items, and Ohmwrecker. Some are just bug fixes while others are complete changes to abilities. Watch the video and find out all the details there.




Untitled 11 Bit Studios Multiplayer Preorders Begin

Are you a fan of the Anomaly series? Have you heard about 11 Bit’s secret game? Well if you haven’t take a look at the video below. A twenty six second teaser for the game that has so far been kept completely secret. And now you can get your hands on the game…almost. You can now preorder the game for half price if you order it before they announce the game on February 28th.




NCSoft Projects to use Unreal Engine 4

News has come from Korea that NCSoft will be creating two new series of games using the Unreal Engine 4. Speculation over which they may be started as soon as it was announced with the popular choices being Lineage 3 and Aion 2. It is expected that these projects could take up to 3 years to complete with a budget of $92.3 million each!



Star Trek Online’s New Special Project

A new special project has been announced in the latest STO dev blog. The next special project is called “Majestic Construction” and begins today! After the project is complete your starbase will look a whole lot different inside. But, be sure to get started before the project ends on February 28th.



Australian Games Retail Down, But Mobile Games Up

A new report from the Interactive Games & Entertainment Association (iGEA) shows retail sales of games down 23% in 2012. This includes software, accessories, and hardware sold through traditional retail, so not online. But mobile games, virtual items, and game subscriptions are up 18%. These trends are quite similar to those seen around the world.



Trading Card MMO HeroDex Heads to Closed Beta

Zero Separation has announced it’s Trading Card MMO HeroDex is now in closed beta. Registration for keys is as easy as filling out a form on the official website and hoping you get chosen. Keys are released every day so there is a very good chance for you to get in. Right now HeroDex is only available on Linux and Windows but a Mac version is in the works.




Camelot Unchained Dev Diary: Choice Matters

The fourth part of the dev diary series that is focusing on foundational principals in City State Entertainment is all about choice. What kind of choices? Well those in Camelot Unchained that will help you have a unique experience, the experience you want. They outline seven examples which range from stat allocation at character customization to strength requirements to use certain weapons. You can read about these and all the others in the Camelot Unchained dev diary.



Renaissance Heroes Release Date Announced

Eagerly awaiting the day you can get your hands on Renaissance Heroes? Well on February 19th you’ll get that chance. It is the first 16th century focused FPS which has gone through very successful closed and open betas. Players can download the game now on GameFuse and are encouraged to join the Facebook community for the latest updates, event announcements, and more.




State of Decay Character Customization Revealed

Looking to survive in the zombie apocalypse? Well State of Decay is the place for you. The latest dev diary highlights the ways you can customize your character to make them like you….or not like you at all. The diary goes through skills like Wits or Leadership, traits that lead to personal skills like Construction or ….Sexting? They even go through a few examples of characters which could be created in the game. When it all comes down to it though, it’s a matter of choice.



Old School RuneScape? Hello 2007!

Fans of RuneScape have been feeling a bit of nostalgia recently which gave the Jagex folks the idea of running an old school server. After a period of voting it was decided that 2007 was a very fine year. But, they’re asking for input yet again. Before they fully dedicate themselves to the project they’re trying to gauge exactly how much interest there is. Voting starts on the website tomorrow and will run for two weeks. And how many votes are received will decide if players will have to pay extra for access or if new content will be added. So don’t forget to vote!

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