OnRPG Shotgun News 3/13: The Secret World, Neverwinter, C9 and so Much More!

OnRPG Shotgun News 3/13: The Secret World, Neverwinter, C9 and so Much More!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Elder Scribe



The Secret World Issue 6 Arrives Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the day TSW fans have been waiting for! The Last Train to Cairo, Issue 6, takes players back in time to Ancient Egypt. And it means an all new auxiliary weapon, The Whip. And there’s an all new trailer that Henry Jones Jr. himself would be proud of.



DCUO Releases PvP Roadmap for 2013

Creative Director Jens Anderson posted a PvP roadmap yesterday talking about the upcoming changes that are going to happen in DCUO throughout the rest of 2013. It includes; Arranged Matchmaking, PvP Gear Progression, and Map Rotation. Best of all they’re encouraging players to ask developers questions about everything announced on the DCUO forums.



PlanetSide 2 March Preview

A new video has emerged from the depths of the never ending war that is PlanetSide 2. It discusses the biggest highlights from the next update. Everything from new subscribers rewards to rocket launchers.



Stats Released for First Month of TERA: Rising

New Statistics have been released after the first month of TERA’s movement to free to play. It includes 1.4 million characters made, 1,010 years of gameplay and over half a million new players which resulted in new servers being opened.



Neverwinter Releases New Control Wizard Trailer

A new montage video has been released showing off the Control Wizard in action. It was a playable class for the first time last weekend and universally loved by all. Even Rocky had a montage.




Last Defiance Beta Event Announced

Trion has announced the dates of the last beta weekend for Defiance. It begins March 22nd and runs to March 25th. Best of all this will be the first time players will be able to access the game on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 as well as PC. There will be no NDA for this event as Defiance is due to go live on April 2nd.



C9 Gunslinger Class Revealed

The fifth advancement in the Hunter class of C9 has been named Gunslinger. They specialize in both long and close ranged attacks, knock back, and most importantly use dual pistols and shotguns. Along with it the fifth Continent Survival Mode will be released, becoming one of the most challenging features in C9.



Everquest II Update 66 Coming April 30th

In a new forum post Producer of Everquest II Holly Longdale revealed that Update number 66, called Scars of the Awakened would be released on April 30th. The beta for it will begin on April 2nd and all EQII players are encouraged to take part. More information is planned to be released in the coming weeks.



Kartuga Video Explains Skill Trees

A new video has been released by InnoGames that explains how skill trees work in Kartuga as well as showing some combat. The video is two and a half minutes long and also covers skills. OnRPG still has a few keys left for the closed beta so jump on them while you can. http://www.onrpg.com/MMO/event/Kartuga-Closed-Beta-Key-Giveaway




Age of Wushu Rage

A new post has appeared on the Age of Wushu website that explains the Rage meter and Rage skills. The meter itself is placed underneath the health bar and will fill as attacks are blocked in combat. When the rage meter fills players will be able to uge the rage skill. Rage skills vary depending on which school the skills belong to.



SMITE Reveals Aphrodite

An all new God, or should I say Goddess has been revealed in a video from SMITE. Aphrodite, Goddess of Beauty is the highlight of the nearly 7 minute long video which you can watch below.




ESRB Relaxes Age Gate

The ESRB has informed publishers that the rules for age gating games and videos rated Mature have changed. Previously publishers had to ask people to input their ages before they could enter their sites or watch certain videos with a rating of M. This restriction has been removed but the ESRB must first pre-clear trailers.



Allods Online: Lords of Destiny Now Live

Allods Online fans can now enjoy the latest expansion Lords of Destiny. It is a huge update with new raids, a new level cap and so much more. For all the details have a look at the article we released about it almost a month ago. http://www.onrpg.com/MMO/Allods/news/Allods-Lords-of-Destiny-Teased And be sure to watch the trailer.




EVE Magazine EON Announces Closure

The magazine EON has announced they are closing down this month. It is one of the few print magazines dedicated to an MMORPG. The company will remain open through March 31st to process orders and clear out the remaining stock.



Game Marketing Awards Finalists Announced

The annual Game Marketing Awards have announced the nominations for their awards. Most of the games nominated are console games but there are a few MMOs in there too. And here they are, we wish them all the best luck.:


Outstanding Promotional Trailer: PlanetSide 2

Standout Print Advertisement: Guild Wars 2

Best Website For A Product: PlanetSide 2

Best Digital Advertising Campaign: PlanetSide 2, Guild Wars 2

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