OnRPG Shotgun News 9/27: WoT, Dragon Nest EU, LoL, and More!

OnRPG Shotgun News 9/27: WoT, Dragon Nest EU, LoL, and More!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist



World of Tanks Introduces New Physics And More

Update 8.0 will go live today in Europe and went live yesterday in North America. It is bringing all new, realistic tank physics with new behaviors and tactics. The UI has also been given a bit of a touch up giving an optimized experience. In addition to all of this the USSR tech tree has been expanded with four new tank destroyers while the British are getting their first premium machine, the Matilda Black Prince.



NCSoft and Nexon Reportedly in Talks to Buy Valve

One of the top newspapers in South Korea is reporting that Nexon and NCSoft met with Valve to discuss a deal worth $893 million. NCSoft is saying that the rumors are untrue. And in the past Valve has turned down offers of over $1 Billion.



City of Heroes Announces Sunset Events

City of Heroes’ Assistant Community Manager Jessie “Hit Streak” Lawrence has announced a series of weekend events leading up to the closure on November 30th. The events are favorites from through the years which include a double xp weekend, Halloween, winter event and ending with a Rikti invasion the last weekend. The exact details of the live server shutdown aren’t quite clear yet as it has been posted as November 30th at 12AM PDT. Jessie said he would clear up the confusion today. Here is the entire list of events:


Summer Blockbuster – October 5 – October 8

Double XP – October 18 – October 22

Halloween Event – October 26 – October 29

Winter Event – November 9 – November 12

Rikti Invasion – November 23 – November 30



League of Legends Hit By DDoS Attacks

League of Legends developers Riot Games have revealed that they recently faced a group of players who have been attacking the live service to kill games that were in progress through DDoS. Those who were taking part have been identified and removed permanently while legal actions are being pursued.



Silkroad Hosts Avatar Design Event

Silkroad is hosting a new avatar designing event called Project SilkroadWay. Players are invited to design the ultimate Silkroad avatar using their own original clothing designs. Designs are being collected on Facebook until October 4th when Joymax will pick five entries for players to vote on. The winner will be incorporated into the game.



ArenaNet Now Accepting 2013 Internship Applications

The 2013 ArenaNet Internship class is now taking applications. They’re looking for artists, animators and programmers who are willing to live in the greater Seattle area for a year. Successful applicants will receive a $14 an hour stipend and work with ArenaNet for a year. Interns will also be invited to take part in ArenaNet University program which is a series of classes and workshops presented by studio experts and guests. They cannot guarantee any jobs at the end of the program, just lots of experience and a portfolio of work. To find out more check out the blog entry.



Dragon Nest EU On Schedule To Open This Year

eFusion has confirmed that Dragon Nest EU is still on schedule to open at the end of the year. The localization for Europe is in its final stages and the official website is under construction to prepare for the first closed beta which is expected in late October.

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