OnRPG/MMOHuts @ New York Comic Con 2012 – Day 1

OnRPG/MMOHuts @ New York Comic Con 2012 – Day 1

Covered by Michael Sagoe (mikedot) and Isaac Sagoe (Afromania)



My brother and I have been waiting for this event all year and it’s finally here! New York Comic Con is the largest pop culture convention on the East Coast, and we managed to get some last minute sign ups to the event.



After getting our hotel reservations set up and ready, we set out from Jersey City to New York via subway, and walked several blocks up to the Javits Center.



Getting press passes was completely changed up from last year, with no on-site registration. Everything had to be registered beforehand, which was a much better system since we were able to get our passes without hassle.



We showed up to the convention a bit earlier, so we had to sit around for well over an hour before getting in, along with a whole crowd of 4-day ticket holders. The wait was maddening!



Even though it was a bit earlier, we already got our first sights of some of the crazies and cosplayers. One guy in costume walks past us to get in the waiting line, and I responded to him by saying “Mr. Karate?” The cosplay guy was totally pleased as I was the first one to recognize the character from the King of Fighters series.



After chatting with the guy and his Akuma looking friend for a while, it was time to head in. We started heading for the World Cyber Games booth to check in for our World of Tanks interview, but to my surprise, there was also a Snail Games booth showcasing Age of Wushu right across from the WCG booth!



I was very eager to give Age of Wushu a try for the very first time, but spending my time at that booth would have to wait.



We got our World of Tanks interview with a very cute PR girl, and we had to do a second re-take for it, because during our first take, the microphone wasn’t close enough and we could barely hear anyone’s voice due to how freaking loud the Age of Wushu booth was. Still, we managed to get the footage we needed and we’ll have an interview video ready by the time Comic-Con ends.



Next up: The Snail Games booth. Now I totally wasn’t expecting this company to show up with a booth at Comic-Con, but I was very excited to see Age of Wushu up close. I wanted to get a sneak into the private booth and get a quick interview on the game…



…and that’s what I did.



The guys were friendly and willing to let us into their private booth on such a short notice (probably because the interviewers that were scheduled to show up around the time we asked didn’t show up… but whatever!)



I did the interview without any preparation or anything, but I managed to ask some pretty decent questions, and some not so decent questions… We’ll also have some footage of this interview sometime after Comic-Con ends.



After that interview, I wanted to get some hands-on time Age of Wushu, but instead I decided to walk around and find some more crazy cosplayers.



Just for something non-MMO related: I found the PlayStation booth, along with a playable demo for Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. Now this game was a hell of a lot of fun. I’ve been wondering how this game would stack up to Super Smash Bros., and I would say that the game is deep and engaging enough to stand well on its own. After playing one round, I was hooked. I spent most of the remaining day playing it, up to the point where even one of the guys at the Sony booth said that I had enough.



After that, I went back to the Snail Games booth to try out Age of Wushu. I was mainly looking to get a feel for the game’s combat system, which the developers say is based on a Rock-Paper-Scissors system, but after trying it I think Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock sounds more appropriate.



After running into some more crazy cosplayers, we ended our day at the IGN Theater with a performance by Ben Folds Five.



That’s all for day 1 @ NYCC. Keep checking OnRPG and MMOHuts for further coverage of the show!

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