Operation Gamma 41 Reveals Item Upgrade Features

Operation Gamma 41 Reveals Item Upgrade Features




Just A Game today revealed the details behind the many items and equipment available for use and upgrading in its strategy-war game, Operation Gamma 41, which is now in open beta.

The majority of items in Operation Gamma 41 are used to speed up/unlock certain processes or enhance other aspects of your city or commander. All items come with a description explaining exactly what they do. Whether speeding up recruiting and building through orders or collecting extra taxes, items can make tasks faster or easier.


Each Commander has five slots to equip: Epaulet, Cap, Uniform, Boots, and Weapons. Depending on how experienced they are (the number of stars), different generals will be able to equip advanced gear with better base stats and enchants.  There are four different ways to improve an item: Star Upgrade, Bonus Upgrade, Refining, and Gem Inlay.


Refining allows a player to combine a gem and equipment to add a buff to an item – for example, you could improve the defense of an item against a specific troop type.  This destroys the gem, but provides boosts not found otherwise.  Bonus Upgrades work with what Refining has added to an item – for example, once a bonus experience stat has been bound to an epaulet, the Bonus Upgrade can be used to improve this bonus, up to an additional maximum of 10%.

Star Upgrades give items increased stats; use a Meteor Gem to begin this process.  Most items are only 1-star to begin, so using this method of improvement is important – but risky!  Without a Fixing Location, the player risks reducing the stars on an item or even destroying it completely.  The rare and coveted Emperor Meteor Gem also ensures the item will lose no stats if the upgrade is a failure.


Punching your equipment creates holes in which gems can be added for additional stats. However, punching is quite risky and can result in breaking the equipment, and unlike adding stars there is no fail safe. Equipment can have a maximum of 3 slots punched, but be aware though the more holes, the higher the risk of failure.


If you are successful in adding slots to your equipment then you can use Gem Inlay to give you extra stats. Each stat (Attack, Defense e.g.) has its own gem in different qualities, so you can pick the stats you want. Players can remove gems to make room for new ones via Gem Remove, but be aware this will destroy the old gem.


Now that the game is in open beta, OnRPG will be investigating its merits to let the wary know what to expect in the realm of Operation Gamma. Look forward to the review soon!

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