Pandora Saga: Age of Discord Announce Astian Battle Arena and New Level Cap

Marvelous USA announced today the first details for the largest update yet to come to Pandora Saga: Age of Discord. The highlight of new features being added is the massive Astian Battle Arena where 48 players go face to face in a fight to the brutal end.


“We are excited to announce plans to ramp up efforts to bring more exciting new content to the upcoming Open Beta for Pandora Saga: Age of Discord players,” says Shinichi Suzuki, Marvelous USA President and CEO. “With the Astian Battle Arena, our first round of updates will focus on new content for PvP fans. But we have much more in store for players who enjoy other solo, group, Nation battle, and PvE content. We can’t wait to tell you more soon.”


Additionally a new level cap is being introduced to the Open Beta which will raise the cap from 55 to 60. It is accompanied with new high level skills and abilities which will aid the player in battle. There are also significant improvements to tool tips and the UI. Other features include the all new Ersatz Slot for character customization, a Reconstruction option that allows for customized equipment modifications, and a new Rayon Guerre war for plays to take part in.

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