Paul Barnett Humbled By Cataclysm

Paul Barnett Humbled By Cataclysm


You wouldn't expect Paul Barnett to praise Warhammer's biggest competitor: World of Warcraft

After having been the “The Voice” of Warhammer Online leading upto its release you wouldn’t expect Paul Barnett to praise its biggest competitor: World of Warcraft.


Imagine our surprise when we heard a humble Paul Barnett speak on a Special Giantbomb “Top 10 Games of 2010” Podcast.


Paul lists Cataclysm as number two in his top ten games of 2010. The first thing he mentions about it is that he is impressed that Blizzard effectively finished Cataclysm earlier in the year and then was powerful enough to just “sit on it” so they could release it closer to Christmas. After this he goes on to compare World of Warcraft to the iPod.


“It was a hard lesson, and very ego bruising to learn, but WoW is the MMO equivalent of the iPod or iPhone. It doesn’t matter that there were MP3 players before the iPod. Once the iPod came out it dominated and it doesn’t matter what you made after the iPod.”



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And if that wasn’t honest enough for you yet Paul went on to say:


“That is actually what WoW is, it’s this magnificent uber-creation and as I learned, chasing after it was painful and humbling.”

As a Warhammer Online fanboi that felt utterly disappointed and abandoned when I realised that Paul’s big promises would not be realised it is refreshing to hear mr. Barnett admit Blizzard’s dominance in such a mature and realistic fashion.


You can listen to the entire podcast over here at our friends at Giantbomb. The part about Cataclysm starts at 15:55.

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