Pirate Galaxy: Illegal Mines Expansion

Pirate Galaxy: Illegal Mines Expansion


Splitscreen Studios announces an extensive update for the award-winning browser game Pirate Galaxy. The new conquest system will introduce battles for illegal mines on April 20th, 2011. Along with a new type of resource, gravitons, the Hamburg-based developer also present a new alliance system, new missions, new planets, and new achievements in their 3D browser game about lawless space pirates.

Beginning this coming Wednesday, clans can challenge one another in battle for the control of illegal mines on abandoned planets. To track down these mines, members must find log files, upload them to a clan database, and once they have the required number of log files, prepare for the attack on an abandoned planet.


Pirate Galaxy Expansion

Battles will take place between two enemy clans – the number of pilots from each clan who are allowed to make things hot for their enemies on the planet is limited to 25 players. The fight is for the takeover of important areas with different values. The more valuable to occupied territories are, the more ‘life’ the opposing clan loses. The first clan with no life left loses the battle. The trick is that the values of the territories increase at different rates. An originally worthless area may become very valuable later. The winner of a battle will receive access to the minerals being extracted from the mines: gravitons.


With gravitons, a completely new type of resource makes its debut in Pirate Galaxy. The minerals can be used to unlock previously unknown powerful effects for a short time. Half a dozen individual gravitons with very different effects are being mined in the various star systems. Immediate repairs, stronger firepower, or the elimination of the waiting period for items are just examples of the effects of these hard-to-find minerals. They will be effective tactical aids both in missions and in the clan.

New alliance system

The alliance system in Pirate Galaxy has been completely revised. Beginning this coming Wednesday, any number of clans may enter an alliance. That joins their members together and now they can fully support each other in clan battles. Starting immediately, every alliance also has its own chat – thus allies can better make their arrangements.

New missions and message-system

There are numerous new missions to complete in every star system. Players fight heated battles against Harvesters, run daring races, or defend Transporters against assaults by the Mantis. In addition, all mission messages can be read directly from the screen, without opening a new window and losing track of what is going on in the game. In general, access to the message system has been simplified. Players receive all game information directly from the chat input bar.

New planets and achievements

There is also the new Conquest Planet Valkion in the Draconis System. All new achievements, such Pro Racer and Rabbit Stew are waiting to be awarded.

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