Pokémon Go in China is Nightmare Fuel


Pokémon Go: Must Acquire Some of Them!

I’ve covered Chinese ripoff games in the past, and they’re generally pretty hilarious, or frightfully sad. This one’s just. . . creepy and uncomfortable. I understand why Chinese companies would want to create a clone of a game like that, but design is cringeworthy to say the least. Pokedex revealed it and it will no doubt haunt me everytime my eyes close. Chinese law is incredibly strict in some manners, such as the types of things that can and cannot come into the country. Pokémon’s one of those things that simply aren’t allowed, at least not without work that frankly isn’t worth it. I imagine Niantic doesn’t want to jump through hoops made of fire to put their game in a country that doesn’t want it. There’s still plenty of money to be made throughout the world. One of the biggest deals is foreigners and GPS coordinates. The Chinese government is not wild about stuff like that, or even people trespassing and wandering and getting hurt in the wilderness hunting for imaginary creatures.


A popular theory is that is a Japanese-US plot to undermine the Chinese government [remember what I said about Russia?], and that we could use it to map out the Chinese army and their locations so when the inevitable invasion begins, we’ll be ready for them. It is with that in mind that Pokémon Go won’t be a hit in China. But take heart, because they get the next best thing! They get some. . . Game, probably named almost the same thing, Alas, my Chinese is terrible. Maybe one of my old simRTK buddies can help me out!


What do you guys think? Does it look like something you’d want to play? Special thanks to Missyeru for finding this!

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