Pokémon Go Servers Crushed Due to Popularity


Pokémon Go has had nothing but woe and trouble since it finally came to American shores. While it has caused more people than ever before to get out, be active and walk around to catch Pokémon, the servers have been down far more than up, due to overwhelming support and the sheer number of people attempting to log on. Me personally, I’m in at least three different social media groups involving Pokémon Go and every couple of minutes I see a new notification: “Pokémon Go servers are down oh no! :(” “Not for me!” “No, wait, there they are. Damnit.”  There is never any word that I’ve seen on when they’ll be up or down. It’s basically a crapshoot, with a 50/50 chance of the servers being up so you can play the game. It is our sincere hope that the servers will stabilize soon so we can resume not doing our jobs, and instead Catch ’em All.

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