PS4 Pro: Should You Care? Do I Care?

ESO PS4 Pro Announcement

Recorded on a PS4 Pro

I mocked and belittled Microsoft when I saw how quickly they were dropping two more “One” consoles. Little did I know that Sony was planning to do the same damn thing, and make me sound like a fool.  But if I have to talk about one, I have to do it to the other! I don’t play favorites here at the Bottom Tier News Entertainment System. But I have to ask the serious question. What is the PS4 Pro, and why the hell should I [or anyone] care? The big takeaway is that it is far more powerful than the regular PlayStation 4, which is already a pretty great console [if you ask me].  The PlayStation 4 is in theory aimed at 60 fps/4k UltraHD which sounds gorgeous. It IS gorgeous. The beauty of that level of visual cannot be denied. But how many people do you know with a 4k UltraHD screen? I can maybe think of one.  From what I’ve seen, each company that is utilizing this new hardware for games to be produced for the Pro are doing it in starkly different ways. The PlayStation 4 Pro is something interesting, possibly a few years ahead of its time. Considering the hardware it’s packing, 400 bucks is not unreasonable. It’s actually probably cheaper than they could get it on the shelves for, but they also have to consider this: Who the hell wants to spend 600 bucks on a damn console? And it doesn’t even have fancy artwork on it? Psssh.


Sure, you can also set your PS4 Pro to lock into 1080p if you don’t have a 4k TV/Monitor, but that seems like kind of a waste. It’s also recommended you have a 55″ TV or bigger! Sure, there’s one of those in my home, but it’s years and years old. It’s no 4k UltraHD. I feel like this console is being released a bit earlier than maybe it should be. 4K tech is still quite expensive and the market hasn’t quite gotten around to adopting it just yet. Everything I’ve seen is beyond impressive but I sincerely feel like it’s aimed at people with more money than their common game player. Will there be people who can get the most out of the PS4 Pro right out of the box? Sure! That’s always going to be the case? But what about the vast majority of people? You could look at it as a waste of damn money, or as an investment if you plan on expanding your entertainment system’s power. As time goes on, more people will get on the bandwagon, the TV prices will lower, and it will be absolutely viable. Right now? Hell no. I’m also curious how it stacks up to the Xbox One’s 4k machine. The PS4 Pro is 399.99 right now, and releases later this year. It’s going to be smoother and prettier than the regular PS4, but if you don’t want that, there’s also the PS4 slim. . .That one is already on the way out and will be on shelves quite soon [Sept 15 I believe]! This one surprised me less, since they did something similar with the PS2 and 3. I don’t know that I care about that one so much since I have a regular PS4. If I’m going to buy a new console at all, I may as well just throw away a chunk of my paycheck on the superior machine: The PS4 Pro. Go big or go home as they say.

Final Verdict: I hate that I’m leaning towards “I like it, and I want one”. But that’s where I’m at right now.

What do you guys think? Interested? Don’t care? PS4 sucks? I’m curious!

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