Puzzle Pirates Introduces a Special Valentines Ship

Puzzle Pirates Introduces a Special Valentines Ship

Looking for the perfect gift for that special someone* for Valentines? Well, if that special someone happens to be a pirate in Puzzle Pirates, then the Cupid Class Sloop will melt their heart like chocolate left in the Caribbean sun!


Puzzle Pirates Valentines Sloop

This is the quarterdeck, complete with elegant bronze fittings and a comfy loveseat. Don’t get too comfortable, though: whether you’re sailing solo or with your valentine, someone’s gotta steer! The sitting room in the ship’s hold, perfect for entertaining or just working away at keeping the ship afloat! No Cupid Class ship would be complete without its own hot tub in the back! This one is very cozy, and comes stocked with all the wine and fruit you could ever want!

The Cupid Class Sloop is only available until 3 PM PST Tuesday, March 1st, so grab one for you and your best hearty today!

* “That special someone” can be yourself. It’s OK, we won’t tell.

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