Ragnarok Online Goes Free-To-Play!

Ragnarok Online Goes Free-To-Play


The clarion call goes out to all heroes of Midgard to return and play free with their veteran friends.


Ragnarok Online, the classic fantasy MMORPG, has challenged over 50 million players worldwide. Ranging from epic Guild vs. Guild battles; to hundreds of maps with ferocious monsters; to reaching the pinnacle of achievement in over 70 different character classes; the possibilities are endless.


Ragnarok Online Free-To-Play


Ragnarok Online has traditionally been a monthly subscription based game for access to game accounts; but now it will be free from monthly subscriptions with an option for a VIP Package that offers improved experience rates, monster drops, larger storage capacity and access to special NPCs and areas.

Ragnarok Online offers three servers to choose from:


Ymir server is the VIP server containing all Veteran Subscription based characters from 2003 to present. Perfect for those returning heroes that want to rejoin their friends on their adventures and PVP action.


Ragnarok Online Free-To-Play


Yggdrasil (once a Monthly Subscription based server) and Valkyrie (a free to play server) will both become completely open to account and character creation for players that want to give Ragnarok Online a test drive; with Yggdrasil being the newest server (launched October 2010). Yggdrasil has the youngest characters and newest economy which makes it the ideal fresh-start server. You can still purchase a VIP package and play on these servers as well.


Special benefits await players that choose to make their account VIP such as:


• 1.5x Experience rate


• 1.5x Monster drop rate


• Increased Kafra Storage


• Less experience loss upon death


• Access to special areas and Buff NPCs


• Access to create characters on all 9 character slots


All that is needed to play Ragnarok Online is a WarpPortal Account. You must bind your old Ragnarok Account to it, update the password, then login and play! Be sure to discuss this huge change in our Ragnarok Forum.


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