Rappelz Celebrates its 2nd Anniversary

In celebration of Rappelz’s 2nd anniversary, Gala-Net Inc. has announced a series of in-game events to take place starting from November 12th. Gala-Net’s acclaimed MMORPG, Rappelz, has captivated millions of users since its launch back in 2006, and continues on this journey with its latest release, Epic V.

For this notable milestone, not only will all players receive a FREE “7 Day Hidden Village Pass,” but the “Raining Pets” event is finally here! Pets are the unique feature to Rappelz, and they are arguably one of the most important aspects in the game. Pets can help players do everything from healing to helping destroy opponents.

The Raining Pets event will bring a surge of pet items for all users! Simply play the game, defeat the monsters and collect your prize! Monsters may drop a Rain Drop, carrying a huge variety of pet items- anything from a Creature Name Change to a Decorative Pet Box. Items from the drop include (but are not limited to):

  • Creature Name Changes
  • Creature Resurrection Scrolls
  • Pet Re-Specialization Potioons
  • Taming Cards
  • Pet Boxes
  • Decorative Pets

This event is the most anticipated event of the year for Rappelz players, as it celebrates one of the most defining features of game play in Rappelz.

“Pets have always been a distinctive component in Rappelz, and with the recent release of Epic V, they only prove to be more valuable to players,” says Senior Producer Michael Powers. “We wanted to reward our users with this landmark and hope that Rappelz continues its epic to reach out to the many other MMORPG players out there. Happy Anniversary Rappelz!”

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