Realm of the Titans Abraxas Hero Showcase

Realm of the Titans Hero Showcase: Abraxas



Aeria Games sent OnRPG an early look at the Hero Showcase for Abraxas in upcoming DotA inspired Realm of the Titans. Realm of the Titans adds its own distinct flavor to the increasingly popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre by incorporating an additional map option and a slew of unique in-game systems and boosts.



Realm of the Titans’ fast-paced PvP action rewards teamwork and strategy. Knowing every hero’s strengths and weaknesses is vital for effective cooperation on the battlefield. The latest Hero revealed, Abraxas, is a beefy support hero and pillar of strength for any team. His massive spiked tail and four muscular arms intimidate enemies as well as execute mighty offensive maneuvers with ease. If you’re unfortunate enough to battle against Abraxas, steer clear of the path of his deadly spear!



Abraxas’ skills are each linked to a keyboard shortcut, shown in parentheses:


  • Mighty Throw – (Q) Causes damage and stuns enemies in a path.
  • Bolster – (W) Increases Physical Damage based on your total Health, up to 100%.
  • Battle Cry – (E) Increases nearby heroes’ Movement and Attack speeds for 8 seconds.
  • Majesty(R) Gains vision, causes damage, and lowers Defense and Magic Resist of an enemy. Increase an ally’s Defense and Magic Resist and restores their Health.


Realm of the Titans is scheduled to begin Closed Beta in early summer. But OnRPG is not known to like to wait. So we are coordinating an interview with producer Travis Hawk the week following E3 to get an inside scoop of what RoTT has instore.

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