Report: OnRPG powered TLBB Connect Events!

OnRPG powered TLBB Connect


In cooperation with Changyou Europe we have introduced a special “OnRPG Boost” item to TLBB !


Since we ran out of the very exclusive codes last week already there was one more chance for people to get a hold of the item: by joining the weekly TLBB Connect” events each Wednesday.


First Event

The first ‘TLBB Connect powered by OnRPG’ event took place on Friday 3rd Dec. when the community gathered to kill a free roaming boss in Pet Hill and an arch enemy who has managed to kill the entire event twice – The Dragon-Headed Tortoise (this enemy has a very powerful AoE and Stun skills which wipe out entire teams in one combo!)


Although this was the communities 5th run in total versus this treacherous creature, the crowd was excited as the sheer number of players assembled for the event was hugely impressive.


The Community team distributed 50 codes for the OnRPG Boost (+10 to all stats!) in total, 1 per character, and encouraged everyone to activate them instantly for the event.


TLBB OnRPG event


Watch the special event footage right here on OnRPG!



Second Event
On Wednesday (8th Dec) the community planned a special, one-off event – a battle against multiple bosses.


The community was directed to Luo Yang and told to “be prepared” for a fight.


The fierce bosses of the ‘No One Escaped’ loop quest were spawned and ready to kill…!


Thanks to the staggering amount of players who showed up, 15 Red Bear Kings, 3 Horse Raider Yu’s and 2 Wealthy Kehs were brought down by an army of TLBB warriors.


The crowd at the TLBB Connect event was excited as the sheer number of players assembled for the event was hugely impressive.


All players that took part in this special event have been very pleasantly surprised by this unexpected turn of events and the massive battle that took place in the middle of the town.


Only two Wealthy Kehs have been left standing in the middle of the Town Square to remind people about the events that took place and guard the town from further invasions of the gruesome red bears.


Third Event (and last chance to get your hands on the OnRPG Boost item!)
Anyone attending Wednesday’s (15th December) TLBB Connect with an OnRPG boost aura will get a chance for a special item prize to reward their bravery for attending the last weeks’ epic battles! Many fearsome enemies have been slain and now comes the time to reap the rewards from the war on Red Bears and the Dragon Headed Tortoise.


Rewards are subject to availability with a first come first get bases – so turn up on time in TLBB Luo Yang Town Square (160,100) at 4 PM.


Events will be announced on the TLBB Facebook fan page. To join, visit

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