Retro RPG Glitches!

FF6 sketch glitch

I love retro RPGs. And with my now return to Final Fantasy XIV, I found myself thinking about older RPGs, SNES ones in specific from my youth. Maybe something from the Playstation era. Most of those games I’ve played, I know by heart, save some of the puzzles. But I never had to cheat to get ahead. But there are some glitches and exploits that frankly, made some games a lot more fucking tolerable, or at least cut back on some of the grinding and let me enjoy the game more. I want to talk about a few of them because frankly, they’re fun, ludicrous, and sometimes a little dangerous. Some of them are false Speaking of false. . .

  • Final Fantasy III/VI: There were so many exploits in early versions of Final Fantasy VI. The earliest copies of the cartridge had a glitch where if you threw the Atma Weapon, it would do incalculable damage to Kefka.  This is not true, sadly. I’ve never seen it, and never seen a clip of someone doing it. But FFVI does have some amazing ones. Like. . .
  • Final Fantasy III/VI: Vanish/Doom is not supposed to work. Vanish makes all spells have 100% chance of success. So, Vanish+Doom is cheap and cheesy. I do it from time to time so I can’t say shit. . .Also in this vein, Defense not working correctly in the original version of the game. Instead, you stack Magic Defense and basically become invincible.  The other really fun one for VI, if you want to roll the dice is: Have Relm sketch an invisible enemy. Your file will glitch like crazy, doing incredibly random stuff. OP equipment early in the game, changing sprites, possibly erasing your file or freezing your file. Be careful with this, but it can really do some hilariously good things. Or ruin your day.
  • Final Fantasy IV: Weapon Dupe! It’s only in the SNES version of the game that I’m aware of. You can duplicate any equippable weapon or shield, for throwing purposes/selling. It’s how I make my gold early game, once I’ve become a Paladin. One of the first two swords you get, Ancient I believe, sells for about 9500 gold. Dupe a ton of them, sell them, but keep one. You go into a fight, go to your inventory, click an empty space, then scroll up to click the weapon or shield you desire to duplicate. It will drag it to your inventory. Flee, re-equip, and you’ll have two of them! Now just equip again to have one in your bank and one in your hand. I love it!
  • Final Fantasy Tactics: This just made the game insanely faster for casters. If a class has more than one page of skills: Wizard, Chemist, et cetera, Go to one of the jobs that can do this [not every one can], and click an ability that you can afford to learn. DO NOT BUY THE SKILL. Click that you want to buy it, but before you hit yes/no, hold square and page up or down! If it’s a skill you can’t afford to buy that you’re now on, hit Yes! You’ll either have 00000 JP, and ability to buy them all, or 99999 and you can still buy them all. This made my Calculator an absolute nightmare in the early to mid game.
  • Wild Arms: There’s a way to get 255 of an item as long as you only have one of them! Enter a fight, have Rudy use a Heal Berry, then have Jack use one too. Select a Heal Berry with Cecilia, and switch it with the item to dupe. Then exit the item screen and have her defend instead. Then just finish the battle. Yay, 255 of an item! Me and one of my best friends did this to max stats in a ludicrous fashion.

There are just a few of the hilarious exploits from my youth. What about you? Do you have any to talk about, or want to brag about finding? I’d love to know!

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  • Matt Blaylock

    I recall a couple that I thought were glitches at the time, but never really got an explanation to either, but I’m certain that one is actually hard-coded. Wizardry V; I was able a couple times to get enough PTD to make some different classes. Then, I was able to hit into 99 PTD and was able to make, like, Emperor or something. I was only able to recreate it once, but realized that it was just a rare randomizer result.

    The second one was while starting Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen. Two or three times, I’ve been able to start my army with a Princess in it after Warren gives you your units. No idea how I got it, because I’ve never been able to recreate it on purpose nor heard of anyone else who was able to, but I have done it a number of times completely randomly.

  • Mike Guzman

    I think you taught me the item duplication glitch in IV. I never knew about the JP glitch in Tactics wow! As for VI, another one is have Relm sketch Gau as he’s returning from the Veldt and it’s just as crazy as the invisible enemy.

  • Herschel Pilcher III

    How about the HP roll-over from Chrono Trigger. The original cartridge version has a feature/glitch where if a monster’s HP reached 9999, any leftover healing would parse it over to 0000 hp and it would die instantly.