Runes of Magic Unveils “Warnorken Castle”

Runes of Magic Unveils “Warnorken Castle”

“Warnorken Castle” the latest content update of the third chapter of Runes of Magic has now gone live. The comprehensive update will include new features to the fantasy online role-playing game including a new evil six-player dungeon, the ability to raise virtual pets actively and two-player mounts so intrepid explorers can enjoy the scenery of Taborea with their friends in the saddle.

Player groups of six adventurers on character level 58 and above can now visit the “Warnorken Arena” to participate in horrific tournaments organized by blood-thirsty Baron Reuen von Jura. In the Southern Janost Forest, players are able to join two new public encounters and take part in massive brawls to reach a common goal.

This new patch is not only focused on battles but will also include a new active in-game pet system for Runes of Magic that allows players to rear over 100 new virtual companions and train them into valuable assets that can be used whilst adventuring in the remotest areas of Taborea.

Two Players on one mount!

Furthermore, two-player mounts have been integrated into the game. Players can choose between four new mounts which will allow friends to share a ride with them.

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