Runescape Unviels Clan Upgrade Expansion

Runescape Unviels Clan Upgrade Expansion


Jagex Games Studio has announced the final release RuneScape’s Clan system. This update gives clans a real presence in the game, offering new tools to help players organize and administer their clans, as well as ways to advertise their clans and show allegiance to them in RuneScape.


RuneScape Clan System Update

The Clan update will include the following features:


In-game Clan Support

For the first time players will now be able to create clans in-game and recruit new clanmates, assigning ranks and job titles to their members.

Additional Clan Chat Channels

This update includes two new chat channels for players: the current ‘Clan Chat’ system remains as it is, although it will be renamed ‘Friends Chat’. The new channel will offer a unique system for players to communicate with fellow clan members (and access to chat on another clan’s chat channel as a guest). Players will even be able to keep track of communication in all three channels at the same time.

Clan Camp

Clan members now have access to a new area on the RuneScape map which will serve as a hub for clans to socialize, recruit and plan. The Clan Camp is the starting point for all the new features and includes everything players need to start a clan, meet with their clan, recruit new members and plan their next adventure.


RuneScape Clan System Update

Greater Clan Customization

Players will now be able to customize their clan with clan mottos, motifs and colors. These will be reflected in clan capes and a new item called the vexillum. The vexillum can be placed in the ground at events to mark that clan’s territory. It can also be inspected to allow others to access essential clan information.

Clan Web Pages

Each clan will be given a personalized web page which will play host to a list of all clan members, high scores, stats and information about their clan. The clan web pages will also host public and private clan specific forums.

Rated Clan Wars

Rated Clan Wars, the new clan-specific gameplay content, is a redesigned version of the popular Clan Wars activity, allowing clans to challenge other clans to battle and be rated based on the outcome.

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