Ryzom Announced Patch 1.9.0: Marauder and Occupations

Ryzom Announced Patch 1.9.0: Marauder and Occupations


Shortly after opening the source code and the art assets of Ryzom to the community, the next patch has been announced and will soon be released to the servers.


This patch will contain 2 major things:
– A new marauder boss called “Dante the Teaser”
– Basic Occupations


When developing the basic occupations, our goals were to:

  • Give players more roleplay opportunities.
  • Give players the ability to put the skills they have acquired over the years in practice. (The occupations were designed so that future occupations could require a set of mastered skills, for example requiring all 5 branches of forage to be at level 250.) allow players that have difficulty finding teams, to be able to progress with the help of the regenerative items that can be obtained through occupations.
  • Give players new goals to pursue.


For each occupation (Butcher, Magnetic Cartographer, Florist, etc.) a homin has to perform simple tasks collecting and processing the components needed to create the new regenerative items. The items will, when consumed, give a boost to the regeneration of life, sap, stamina, focus, etc…


After advancing in grade for an occupation, your skill in creating the items will become greater and the items you can create will become more powerful. Of course, the missions will also become more difficult.


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