Salem Announced, Features Perma Death!

Salem Announced, Features Perma Death!

Newcomer Seatribe has annouced they are working on Salem, an MMO set in a mythical version of New England. The game starts with the player stepping off a boat in Boston after which they have to fend for themselves in the ‘New World’.


Salem MMO RPG Announced - It Features Permadeath!


Most interesting fact about this Free to Play game is that it will feature permadeath: “When your character dies, he stays dead,” Seatribe Game Designer Bjorn Johannessen said. And since Salem will feature free-for-all PvP this is going to be a very hot topic! Johannessen hopes that the players will band together to protect each other and keep playerkillers to a minimum.

We wonder if Johannessen played Ultima Online (before Trammel) or any of the other “free for all” PVP games. There is a reason those games are now in the fringe of the genre.

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