Scarlet Legacy Reveals Class Overview

Scarlet Legacy Reveals Class Overview



Games Campus revealed today the details behind the unique four hero classes in its upcoming MMORPG, Scarlet Legacy.  The classes include a powerful Warrior, the element-yielding Assassin, the attacking or healing Monk and the magical and musical Mystic.  These intriguing character classes are part of the upcoming fantasy MMORPG, based on a vibrant journey to save Princess Scarlet.  

“No matter which class players choose, they will be instantly impressed with the unique talents and skills each will bring to their gameplay experience,” said Uyen Uyen Ton Nu, head of marketing at Games Campus. “Whether a player is out to cause heavy damage with armor, martial arts and combo attacks or prefers to use spells, magic and haunting melodies to bring down an opponent, Scarlet Legacy’s characters offer it all.”


The Warrior is able to wear heavy armor, stands in the front-lines and is bold and direct. The Warrior’s specialty is to use inhibit enemies with intense martial arts combos, making warriors a very difficult class to ignore in combat. Even when exhausted, the Warrior can unleash endless aggression to defeat their enemies. Weapon types for the Warrior include the Spear, Mace and Hammer. Acting as a vanguard, the Warrior can help other team members by blocking enemies and absorbing damage. Their heavy armor hinders their abilities though, and as such their offensive side lacks compared to other classes.


The Assassin is skilled at concealed combat and relentless combos. Using water, flame, wind and thunder elementals, they can cause heavy and varied damage. Additionally, they can attack with explosions and cause all kind of effects depending on the enemy’s status. The Assassin’s weapons include the Sword, Dual-Welding Swords and Two-handed Swords. Assassins are close combat killers, and they possess skills that are not only powerful but require little time to unleash.


Although they are unable to wear heavy armor, Monks have the highest HP among all the character classes. They can apply spells that cause armor penetrating damage using their fist, palm, and finger. These spells not only cause heavy damage, but can also heal by stimulating the acupuncture points on the body. Their weapons include the Claw, Fist Weapons and Bracers. There are two types of Monks – Attack and Healing Monks.



The Mystic specializes in a profession that mixes magic and the tune of music.  With hidden magic, even a calm melody can kill enemies across great distances on the battlefield. The ever-changing melodies can sometimes make people highly motivated, but it can also make them feel anxious and even cause weary foes to lose their mind. It can also launch a powerful and strong assault from far-away, providing a type of artillery class. The weapons of a Mystic include the Flute, Lute and Zither. Mystics can assist to change the tides of battle. At the same time, they also deal heavy amounts of damage.


Be sure to take a look at all these classes in action in the Scarlet Legacy teaser trailer.

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