Seal Online: New Events – Grabbit

After all the Halloween festivities in October, we’re continuing the fun into November with the new mini game Grabbit, the Turkey Trot Event, and many more Autumn surprises!  Here’s a sneak peak of what’s to come.
Evolution has a new mini game Grabbit, where you Grab a Rabbit to receive exclusive prizes for your character!  It’s easy to play!  First you get tokens with your Blynks, then use your tokens to play Grabbit (1 token = 1 game).  Best of all, everyone wins every time!  Most Grabbit prizes are exclusive, meaning they aren’t available anywhere else! Visit the Grabbit page to view all the prizes you can get
Turkey Trot
All throughout the month of November, join us at the Autumn Turkey Trot! Collect items and receive prizes. There are 5 Tiers to choose from.  Check out the prizes by visiting the Turkey Trot page!
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